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Financial Education



Talk to a Credit Coach Today!

Working with a credit coach will help you pay off debt fast and manage your personal finances more efficiently. Our credit advice is personalized to your unique situation.


How It Works

Our Credit Coaching Sessions Include:

Credit Advice

Ongoing Support

A Complete Financial Review

Debt Management Options

Personalized Financial Action Plan

Available Support Resources and Referrals

About Phoenix Prodigy

Phoenix Prodigy is a debt relief organization providing financial counseling and education. We will discuss the options of affordable Debt Management Programs to those ready to take control of their financial well-being.

Working Together

Benefits of Working with a Credit Coach :

No Risk

Before filing for bankruptcy, you are required to complete a pre-filing bankruptcy education session with an credit coach.

Personalized Attention

Each client’s situation is reviewed carefully by a credit coach to ensure we are providing the best possible action plan.

Credit Assistance

Credit Coaching is a credit assistance program. You’ll get help to get out of debt fast and eliminate credit card debt.

Ongoing Assistance

A coach will be with you every step of the way. Regardless of how much debt you have, we’ll help you find your way to financial independence.

Credit Counseling Services :

Debt Management Plan

For some, prudent budgeting may not be enough to get out of debt. A Debt Management Plan consolidates all of a client’s monthly credit debt payments into one convenient payment and brings additional concessions that can lower that monthly payment.

Debt Settlement

Settlements involve paying less than the amount you owe to make debts go away. If a creditor agrees to settle a debt with you, the resulting notation on your credit report may impact your credit rating.

Debt Negotiation

It may be possible to get debt relief by negotiating with individual creditors, but this leaves you at the mercy of the individual collection agent you speak to and doesn’t address your entire financial situation.

Get the Financial Advice that is Right for You

  • How can I access a credit advisor?
    We also offer online coaching. Starting your coaching session online allows you to enter your personal financial information, which speeds up the process and helps us ensure that your information is accurate.
  • Why should I care about my credit reports accuracy?
    Your credit report defines if you can acquire a home loan, vehicle financing, credit card rates and even affordable car insurance! The misconception among most Americans is that we have just the one credit report. Each of the three main credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) has their own credit report to show. Over 75 percent of credit reports contain errors, and it is extremely important that you review all three credit reports to make sure the information is up to date and accurate! A lender may pull just one of your reports or all three when considering a loan, so it is paramount that you keep a close eye on ALL 3 reports.
  • What affects my credit score and why isn’t it rising?
    There are many things that can affect your credit score, but for now let’s go over the main negative and positive factors. Negative- Collections, Charge- offs, Repos, Loans, Delinquent accounts, closed account, Medical Bills and Late Payments. Positive- Long and Positive Credit History, Low Credit Utilization, Positive Trade Lines, On-Time Payments and Paying More Than the Monthly Minimum on Payments. Each person’s credit report is different and each item on the report holds a different weight. If your score isn’t rising or is declining slowly; the main issue causing this is simply that the weight of the negatives is outweighing the positives. If you have been making your payments on time, but your credit utilization rate is above 30% then you may see a slow increase. If you are to remove any negative items but don’t have much positive credit recorded underneath, then you may experience a small decline in your score or a very small increase. On the other hand, if you remove many negative items and underneath, you DO have positive credit, your score will rise 90% of the time
  • Will credit coaching stop legal action and creditor phone calls?
    Credit counseling is a service offered to those struggling with credit and debt. Our expert coaches will go over your personal finances and offer expert advice that is tailored to your unique situation. We will help you create a spending plan to cover all of your debt payments and living expenses, provide personal finance tips and help negotiate better payment plans with your creditors. We will set up a plan to stop the collection calls.
  • What does a Credit Coach do during my session?
    Our coaching sessions are entirely confidential; a Credit Coach will go over your personal finances and offer expert advice that is tailored to your unique situation. We will help you create a spending plan to cover all of your payments to your creditors, as well as your regular living expenses.
  • If I need legal advice, can a Credit Coach help?
    No. We do not offer legal advice of any kind. We recommend seeing a qualified attorney for help with legal issues.
  • What do you charge for coaching services?
    Our coaching is provided on many packages please contact us and choose yours. In addition to free credit help and advice.
  • Why will credit card companies and creditors reduce payments through you instead of working directly with me?
    The creditors don’t have the time or manpower to negotiate with every one of their customers individually. They work with credit counseling agencies like us to create a set of standard concessions that we may offer to clients when appropriate. The creditors also understand that we provide counseling and education, which makes our clients more likely to succeed in repaying their debts.
  • Is my coaching confidential?
    All of our financial coaching is completely confidential. Our records are kept securely to protect our clients’ privacy and we do not share information about our clients with anyone.


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