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Welcome to the Prodigy Protégé Youth Mentor Program – a transformative initiative crafted by Phoenix Prodigy to guide and empower the leaders of the next generation. In this visionary program, we aim not only to inspire but to actively develop young minds, providing them with the tools needed to unlock their full potential and transform their passions into thriving businesses.

At Phoenix Prodigy, we understand that young minds are powerful and brimming with untapped potential. The Prodigy Protégé program is designed to harness that potential, offering a 12-month journey of growth and discovery. Our mission is to navigate and nurture our Protégés, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to take their hobbies, side hustles, and innate talents to the next level.

What sets Prodigy Protégé apart is our commitment to action. We don't just talk about dreams; we make them a reality. Through a series of engaging workshops, dynamic pop-up shops, exciting events, and a host of other enriching activities, we create an immersive and supportive environment for our Protégés to blossom.

Join us on this transformative journey, where we don't just inspire – we actively contribute to the development of the leaders who will shape the future. The word "Protégé" takes on its fullest meaning within our program, as we guide, mentor, and empower young entrepreneurs to rise to their highest potential. Together, let's turn aspirations into accomplishments and dreams into dynamic, successful businesses. The future belongs to the Phoenix Prodigy Protégés – join us and let your entrepreneurial journey begin!


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  • December 27, 2023


  • Latasha R Glass

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